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 “As an industry, we often aspire to emulate the successful professional sports leagues, especially those that have aggressively attacked the issue of performance enhancing drugs.  The Thoroughbred Horseracing Integrity Act took nearly nine months to develop, and it included input from USADA and from our fellow Coalition members.  These groups all exist for different reasons, but we all share a common goal and a common bond through this Coalition.  We believe that this particular piece of legislation can once and for all bring much needed uniformity to the sport.  We hope and expect that others will be joining this effort.” Read More»

James L. Gagliano

President and Chief Operating Officer, The Jockey Club

"If those of us in horseracing want our sport to thrive and to once again be considered among America’s popular spectator sports, we must rid our sport of performance enhancing medications and clean up our image with the American public. Without doing both, we are doomed. Without federal legislation to mandate “clean” drug rules, reliable testing, qualified labs and strict penalties for violators, the sport of American horse racing faces an uncertain future. With support and passage of the Thoroughbred Horseracing Integrity Act of 2015, our great sport can rebuild its reputation, protect our beloved horses and their jockeys from catastrophic injury, AND reclaim racing’s place as one of America’s top spectator sports." 


Arthur and Staci Hancock,
Founders, Water Hay Oats Alliance
Owners, Stone Farm

"As a former jockey and instructor of future jockeys, horsemen and horsewomen, I believe it is imperative that the efforts to establish uniform medication rules, including the penalties that should be imposed on any person(s) violating such rules, should be the most important item on any agenda related to thoroughbred horse racing. Thoroughbred racing participants must work together to improve the safety conditions for horses and jockeys. I support this coalition and the efforts to pass legislation that would provide an oversight role of the US Anti Doping Agency because all other efforts have failed miserably." Read More»


Chris McCarron,
Hall of Fame, Eclipse Award Winning Jockey and
Founder of the North American Racing Academy

"My vision is that a new golden era of Thoroughbred racing is not only possible but readily achievable with reform that tears down barriers that divide the industry and unites the sport under a single, uniform set of medication rules and procedures. … Advocating for this industry requires more than just celebrating a proud heritage. The horse industry contributes $25 billion annually to the American economy and generates nearly 380,000 jobs. So with the privilege of representing the Horse Capital of the World comes the responsibility of fighting for its future." Read More»

U.S. Representative Andy Barr (R-KY)

"There is no state in this nation with more at stake both economically and emotionally as our industry wrestles with the issue of medication and its impact on safety, integrity and trust." Read More»

Governor Steve Beshear (KY)

"For far too long, racing authorities have allowed the cheaters to get by with a tap on the wrist or have allowed them to escape any penalty whatsoever for their misdeeds. If we are serious about wanting to help solve our problems and improve the integrity of our industry, we must accept a strong and a fair legal system that will clearly articulate what we can and cannot do. Passage of the Barr-Tonko bill and the acceptance of USADA will clearly lead us in that direction." Read More»

Brereton C. Jones
Former Governor of Kentucky
Owner/Breeder, Airdrie Stud

"Those of us who are fortunate enough to make our living as owners, breeders, trainer or even jockeys would do well to remember that responsibility; that when legitimate calls for improvement are made, we don’t stick our heads in the sand, or argue for the status quo. We must take up the mantle to ensure this wonderful sport has a future based on fairness and long-term solutions. … the Thoroughbred Horseracing Integrity Act of 2015 – offers a balanced, common sense approach, and the best chance to improve transparency and uniformity in American Thoroughbred horse racing." Read More»

Cot Campbell
President, Dogwood Stable

"I am a former state racing commissioner, so some may find it surprising that I welcome the introduction of federal legislation that supports much-needed reforms to thoroughbred horse racing. During the last 35 years of owning, breeding, and racing thoroughbreds, I have seen both the popularity and credibility of this sport fall at an alarming rate. … I believe this would make their drug-violation hearings much more credible and seamless, when the same thresholds and penalties are universal." Read More»

William Koester
Former Chair, Association of Racing Commissioners International
Member, Thoroughbred Owners and Breeders Association

"As one who has been involved in the industry for more than half a century, I wholeheartedly endorse the efforts of so many to provide more integrity to the wonderful but wounded sport of horse racing. The Barr-Tonko bill is an important step in the right direction." Read More»

Tony Chamblin
Former President, Association of Racing Commissioners International
Former Executive Director, Horsemen's Benevolent and Protective Society

"We need more sophisticated drug testing, stiffer penalties for major offenses, and uniform testing and medication policies. As a trainer who races in many different states, it has become almost impossible to keep up with all the permissible dosages and withdrawal times.

"Although a lot of good work has been done to simplify these rules, I believe that the time has come for horse racing to follow the lead of human athletes and to appoint an independent body to police our sport. There is just too much money and too much self interest at stake to expect a level playing field if this is done internally." Read More»

Jonathan Sheppard,
Hall of Fame Trainer

"Nobody wants the government involved in racing. We don't want the states or the Feds involved. But we need the government to do one thing for us and that is to use its standing to empower USADA. So let's not make the mistake of confusing what the Feds can do for us by characterizing their involvement as governmental meddling.

"USADA is the solution not only because it is effective at what it does, which is to ensure the integrity of sport, but because its independence from the sport itself and its hierarchy is embraced totally by a public hungry for a return to the ideals of sportsmanship. I hope that all participants in racing realize the importance of this new legislation and do whatever they can to support it." Read More»

Barry Irwin,
Owner, Team Valor International
Breeder of 2011 Kentucky Derby winner, Animal Kingdom

"The lack of real and robust national, uniform medication standards has cast a shadow over fair competition in American Thoroughbred horse racing as a sport and as a professional industry. With more than three decades spent breeding Thoroughbreds, I recognize that this is a needlessly defensive position for our industry to be in. The current patchwork system of state-by-state medication testing and enforcement policies — while well-intended — has put the viability and future of the industry at risk." Read More»

Antony Beck,
Owner, Gainesway Farm

"USADA has a proven track record of protecting the integrity of competition from athletes who abuse performance-altering medication, as in the Olympics and Tour de France. The truth is, no matter how well-intentioned, state commissions and industry participants cannot solve the issue of drug testing and enforcement on our own. … As we judge ourselves by one standard and continuously witness a lack of similar reliability elsewhere, I feel that we should demand other states fund their programs at a similar rate and take testing as seriously as we do." Read More»

Jon Kelly
Owner, Tres Palomas Farm
Board Member, Del Mar Thoroughbred Club

"THIA promises to deliver what virtually everyone in Thoroughbred racing wants: one set of rules throughout the United States for medication use, more efficient testing programs (including research and development) and enforcement standards and rules that are the same in one state as they are in another." Read More»

Ray Paulick
Journalist, The Paulick Report

"In the horse industry, timing is everything, but patience is a necessity. Now we have a bill that will help us have uniform standards for the proper use of medications throughout the United states and not eliminate the Horse Racing Act of 1978. … Being a small breeder, I salute my neighbors, Arthur and Staci Hancock, in their determined effort to clean up the unpopular image of over-medication of the Thoroughbred. More testing, better laboratories, uniform rules and stiffer penalties are provided in this bill by an independent board of horsemen and the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency." Read More»

Ted Kuster
Breeder, Westview Farm
Former President, Kentucky Farm Managers Association

“Creating a uniform system for the regulation of medications in American horse racing is of critical importance. The international horse racing community must work together if we are to achieve high standards in testing and enforcement of our equine athletes to protect their health and ensure a safe environment. Since its creation, the IFHA has sought to protect the integrity, quality and fairness of horse racing worldwide in the interest of both the horses and the general public. We believe that the goal of this legislation is very much in line with our mission.” Read More»

Louis Romanet
Chairman, International Federation of Horseracing Authorities